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‘My Character is based on a True Story’ – Mansi Sharma

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Mansi Sharma, Who plays Jyoti  Sharma in the upcoming Sci-Fi / Documentary ‘The Wonder Stone’ is with us today in a candid chit chat about her character and the movie which is slated to release this December 26th 2011.

What is ‘The Wonder Stone’ all about?
The wonder stone is an alien stone who gets discovered by six ordinary kids including me. And after what happens, you will watch in the film.

How are you feeling as the movie’s release about to hit soon?
The feeling is fantastic, and I am very excited and also happy the promos have arrived. It has great special effects and mind-blowing action.
What preparations you did for this role?

We didn’t have much time to prepare. We were given few things to revise the whole story and give our own inputs to the character. 
Most difficult scene to perform?

The scene where I get scared from the face in the wall. My Expressions had to be top notch and for that I had to rehearse a lot. It was tough and yeah, the train scene was also very difficult.

How was working with your team?
It was fantastic. Our Director Varun Sir (Varun Mehta)is very strict. He used to scold us a lot (smiles) but that was for our good because only then we could work out in such a great movie. And all the actors in the movie are my friends already. It was very nice to work with them.

What is your character about?
My character is about Jyoti Sharma, a shy, soft and demur girl who has a psychological problem. She is always feared by the face she sees in the wall in her house every day. My character is based on a True Story of a Real character whom I don’t know much about. 

Why should anyone watch the movie?
Nobody makes movies like this in our Country. This is a first move which will be liked by kids and adults alike. So everyone should watch this movie.

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