Monday, January 2, 2012

The Unknown World To Be Screened at PSA Film Fest 2011

animated geet the wonder stone

The 2D Animated Short Film ‘The Unknown World’ which is based on Female Foeticide,  After receiving a lot of applauses and appreciation worldwide shall be screened at PSA (Public Service Announcement) Film Awards 2011 at Don Bosco Arts Theatres Chennai. The Official Poster has been released by the festival organizers which have some best of the best chosen public service films for Screening and ‘The Unknown World’ successfully registers its name through it. The Film shall be screened on 30th September 2011 at Don Bosco theatres Chennai.
We have already seen a lot of Films on Female Foeticide in the past so how in terms of content this film differs from them. Animator Varun Mehta Who has also directed the film says, that even though the film is based on female foeticide, it has something new to offer. It doesn’t rides on blood and gore for high sensitiveness but instead on sentiments. He further elaborated ‘that the film takes an imaginative scenario where we are trying to show that every girl child has a world of her own in the mother’s womb and what happens when we try to destroy that World. ‘The Unknown World’ shall also have an online premiere at Video Gigantics ‘Youtube and ‘Vimeo ‘on 1st of October.
We also had a word with him on his upcoming projects especially ‘The Animated Series on Geet’ which is mounting high on people and gaining high attention followed by his long delaying sci-fi action documentary ‘The Wonder Stone’.  Varun said that he is happy with the response for the Animated Geet Series and he is planning to work and bring it on the table very soon.  The Wonder Stone shall also be released by November 14 on Children’day with a Grand Premiere.

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