Monday, January 2, 2012

Putting an Effort is Important rather Winning – Varun Mehta

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the wonder stone

Varun Mehta, The talented animator has yet again scored a bulls eye at the Green Go International Festival in Europe. Not only his movie ‘Save trees’ won the Public Award but he also brought honours  for India as It was the only foreign country to have a participant winning from there. Now Varun is gearing up for the premiere of his sci-fi action documentary on kids ‘The Wonder Stone’. We had a small talk with the Ace short film maker and also two little wonders from his cast.

MyNews : Congrats Mr Mehta, It’s almost like you have scored a hat trick of performing wonders at the very end of the year for three consecutive years?
Varun : I am really thankful to God, My family, Friends, Relatives and Well Wishers. 

MyNews : How will you describe this year ?
Varun : It was kinda mixed, as from one side My Movies ‘Save Trees’ and ‘The Unknown World’ did extremely well and from one side I lost my beloved Uncle on the very opening of this year. But I know his blessings are always here to stay.

MyNews :  Did you ever expect your victory at Green Go Fest?
Varun : Honestly, No…Even though, my movie has been well received, I am quite aware of its flip side and I believe that might take a setback for it as well. But the love from the whole country has astonished me. It’s a victory for the whole Indians. But I believe Putting an Effort is more Important than Winning a award.

MyNews : Coming to ‘The Wonder Stone’. Has the date for the premiere been set or still it might get delayed again?
Varun : No Delays this time. We are having it on 28th December 2011.

MyNews : Any nervousness on the outcome for the film?
Varun : Yes because I don’t know how will people react, though the initial response has been positive. I expect the same after the release as well. It’s really tough to make a movie like this. Oh Boy – I don’t know how I managed it. And a theme like this takes a toll of your mind and soul. I have done everything from directing to editing…..It was really a tiring job but I had fun.

Over to Child Artists Arya and Umang who plays Namrata Joshi and Suraj Dutt in ‘The Wonder Stone’
MyNews : How does it like to be a superhero?’
Arya : It feels great, though I don’t think I would able to handle Namrata’s stone powers in real life and actually Namrata is not a superhero. She is just an ordinary school girl standing beside you.

MyNews : You must have got bored during the pre and post production as it took a lot of time.
Arya : No actually, Varun Sir made sure that we keep promoting the film throughout this time. We had done a music video, campaigns, and interviews.  We were constantly in news since a year.

MyNews :  Why an ordinary handicam was used for filmmaking?
Umang : Varun sir had a vision, that if we have to take the realism to the core, the film should be absolutely deglamourized.  It should be rustic and true to the environment. And a handicam is a best way to capture that.

MyNews : How are your friends reacting to your work?
Umang : They tease me a lot (laughs). They think I look funny in the movie But they do appreciate me as well.
The Wonder Stone shall be released online on Youtube on 29th December after the Movie’s Premiere on 28th December. Once Again Mynews Wishes Varun and his team all the best and also its readers a merry Christmas and a prosperous year 2012.

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