Thursday, April 26, 2018

Pics : Acclaimed Animation and Short Filmmaker Varun Mehta gets honored at ICFFI 2018

Acclaimed Indian Short and Animation Filmmaker Varun Mehta's film Environmental Festival - A Step towards awareness was recently shortlisted in the International Children's Film Festival in Lucknow. The film was screened in the main gala auditorium along with a theatre especially meant for children. The film was very received and Varun was honored by the comittee and organizers of the Film Festival. Check out the Exclusive Video Below.

The Film Festival was organized by City Montessori School of Lucknow which is considered to be one of India's biggest School chain. There were a number of films that participated during the festival from both national and International levels. Varun's film was screened on 12th of April. Environmental Festival - A step towards awareness has also been screened at the International Nature Film Festival in Hungary last year.

Friday, January 20, 2017

My Film 'A Dream That Defined Science' to be Screened at Film Festival

Happy to share that my film 'A Dream that Defined Science has been shortlisted and selected to be screened at the 7th National Science Film Festival in Kolkata February 2017              

Monday, January 9, 2017

Animation shall always remain my first love – Varun Mehta

Animation shall always remain my first love – Varun Mehta

Varun Mehta Animation Short Films

Varun Mehta Animation Short Films
Independent short and animation filmmaker Varun Mehta is all set to bring the third season of “All India CG Digital Art Competition” this year. The competition was founded in 2012 to be held on a yearly basis to promote digital art. While the first season saw a live event, the next event was held online. This year, Mehta promises to make it more “innovative” than the last two seasons.
Also, his short film ‘My Last Visions’ shall also see its release in summer. Reportedly the social cause based issue film has developed a reasonable buzz over the Internet. Also, this year would mark the inaugural year of the first “Mobile Motion Film Festival” to be held in Zurich, Switzerland. Varun has contributed to the festival and has received an official Invitation to attend the same.
The young talent shall also begin working on his next animated project “The Hope” this year as well. When asked about this He told us –“Animation shall always remain my first love. The reason that I pick up short films is they are far simply accessible and easier to develop where an animation film takes a lot of time from a “mere idea” to the “final output”.
The filmmaker has won numerous National and International awards to this date. He describes his journey as ‘Pleasant’ and further elaborates that he feels like a ‘learner’ at this point. “The best part about being an Independent Creator is that you are free to form your own idea and you can even find an audience too. What should remain Intact is the dedication to make it happen” – says Mehta.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Varun Mehta - Animation and Short Filmmaker Biography

This blog is for Animator and Filmmaker Varun Mehta who is popularly known for his animated shorts that won International Acclaim - The short films include - Crystal Ball, Save Trees, The Unknown World and The Wonder Stone. He is also the owner of 'Wiz Animation Studio'

Varun Mehta is an Indian Animator and Filmmaker being recognized for his three Internationally acclaimed popular short films ‘Save Trees’, ‘The Unknown World’ and ‘The Wonder Stone’. Always interested in the world of Cartoons and fantasy since Childhood, he discovered the animator in himself when he grew up. Hailing from Aligarh, Varun completed his education by achieving Honors in MA [English Literature] from B.R. Ambedkar University, Agra in 2010. Varun Mehta drew inspiration from art at an early age. Surrounded by art he started obsessively drawing on the walls of his house, tables and on any canvas he could find. Mickey Mouse and Aladdin became his best companions. Taking his passion for drawing further he began to create digital paintings using the computer. This deepened his interest in animation which became his artisitic mission.

His biggest success till date has been his short film ‘The Unknown World’ winning for Best film at the ‘Buzzgoo’ International Short Film Festival at Columbus, GA, USA in 2012. Before winning at Buzzgoo, Mehta had his first stint with fame at the 2009 HP You and You contest. His Crystal Ball special effects video secured him a winning spot in this competition. This victory motivated him to stand on his own feet as an Independent artist.

His next success was ‘Save Trees’ a 3D Animated film about Deforestation. It was screened at ISFFI (International Short Film Festival of India 2011) and it won the First Green Go Film Competition in Hungary in December 2011. It was also screened at Budapest Toldi Cinema for the same competition.

His Children’s film ‘The Wonder stone’ which revolves around 6 ordinary school kids and an alien stone that comes to earth with a message to protect earth earned him Victory at Film Skillet International Film Festival at US in August 2012. The Film won the cash prize of $ 2000 and an Aluminium certificate.

The Unknown World has just ensured a second place in this year’s Film Skillet International Animation Contest in US. Varun Mehta has been felicitated for his work in ‘The Unknown World’ many times in various cities and states. He is now working on his films ‘The Hope’ and ‘The Survivor’ that will release by this year’s half end.

Varun Mehta runs a production house called ‘Wiz Animation Studio’ in Aligarh City.

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Wishing everyone a very happy new year #happynewyear #happy2017

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Wishing Everyone #MerryChristmas enjoy every moment with joy and happiness