Thursday, October 7, 2010

A exclusive: 'The Wonder Stone' First Movie Poster Launched!

A exclusive: 'The Wonder Stone' First Movie Poster Launched!
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The first poster for the movie 'The Wonder Stone' was recently launched online. The film is the second venture of Producer and Director Varun Mehta whose Indianinjas won global acclaim. The Poster was revealed by the Internationally Acclaimed Poet Dr Baldev Mirza.

The film has also been supported by a Children's Organization. 'The Wonder Stone' is about an alien stone which comes to earth with a mission and is discovered by six ordinary kids. The film stars Mansi Sharma, Arya Gupta and Rajat Singh. Its been directed by Varun Mehta.

The film is set to be released around 14th November, On Children's Day. Varun Mehta especially thanked by saying : ' has been a great and fantastic support for my movies. It has given us a chance that even we can reach out to people directly through our work and dedication'.

We hope all the very best for your New Project Varun !

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