Thursday, October 7, 2010

Music Video Of The Movie 'The Wonder Stone' Launched

Recently A Music Video for the Film 'The Wonder Stone' was specially prepared. The Music Video is a mix of stylized VFX shots and great animation. The cast of the film was given a new unique look to perform in this Video. The nature of the video is silent but powerful. The cast has been shown as the elements of the Universe which takes human forms to convey their powers.

The Music Video took around 3 months to be made whereas the shooting of the video ended within 5 days. Its obvious that the Video has been made to promote the film but surprisingly nothing related to the film has been shown. Infact its all style and cool special effects. The environment of deserts, skies, seas has been made with proffessional 3d animated and compositing softwares.

According to the Director Varun Mehta who has also made this video, has got a phenomenal response from everyone whoever has seen it uptil now. The main cast of the Movie has been featured in this Video. On Working on them Varun said that It was delight working with them. The kids are presented in a very different way so as to give the video a complete saucy look. The Video has been launched online can be seen on YouTube.

The film 'The Wonder Stone' is about an alien stone to arrive earth with a unique mission. The things take a new turn when it comes face to face with the kids who lives in an ordinary world of their own. The movie is set to release probably on 14th of November this year.

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