Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Wonder Stone Film set to release in December 2011

The Long Awaited Action Sci-fi documentary 'The Wonder Stone' has been quite delayed a lot. The primary reason of the film is assumed to be the length which is quite longer for a documentary. Moreover the visual effects in the movie play a great deal and Time has been utilized for the pre and post production in a great value. Now comes the news that the movie shall now be released in December 2011 with a big event premiere.

But why such long delay? The Director Varun Mehta said. - 'Its not an ordinary documentary, Its more to it, something which hasn't been tried by someone before. About the length of the movie he said - ' The Movie couldn't be made in 25 - 30 minutes because we are telling a story and the lack of proper narration could ruin it. The film had to be made than 1 hour long to become impactful.

Talking about the delay Mehta said, 'Its a one - man show completely. I don't have a team that could complete the movie for me in a given time. "I am doing it all on my own and Its obvious that I need time. I planned to release it in the last month of year 2010 but things didn't work out " he also said that he has many projects in his pipeline and its difficult to work on all of them at a time.

Varun's Animated Movie 'Save Trees' was recently honored at ISFFI 2011 at Chennai. The Wonder Stone has been written by Late Dr Baldev Mirza and produced by a children's Foundation. The film will see its release in the early week of December 2011.

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