Thursday, October 7, 2010

Making a movie on children is quite difficult - Varun Mehta

Making a movie on children is quite difficult - Varun Mehta

Varun Mehta, Who is quite busy these days with the making of his sci-fi action children's movie 'The Wonder Stone' said that it was quite difficult to work on such kind of a venture. The film is about a group of kids and an alien stone that comes to earth with a mission of violence. The story has been written by the great poet and editor of Skylark Magazine, Mr Baldev Mirza who also launched the poster of the film.

Varun said that it was quite difficult for him to put this new world into reality without going big. The concept was truly a classic and should have been made on a larger scale till Varun took this into his own hands to design it in his own way.
Varun said that the script of the film had the potential to become one of the most authentic feature film. But then he decided to work on it independently since it was his choice. He further said that its a big challenge to visualize a new form of creativity.

Varun who just completed EVOLUTION, A music video especially made for the film in which the kids take dramatic forms of universe and also conveys their powerful human form. The video got completed in 3 months. Varun said that 'it was difficult especially the vfx department to handle. The music video has some amazing pieces of animation and visual effects followed by the cast and a little sight of the 'The Wonder Stone' as well. The video is out on YouTube.

The movie is slated to release on children's day Nov 14 2010.

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